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Albert Hari

Evangilé et Liberté April, 2016

Translation Canon Tony Dickinson


The excluded, you know them Lord.

You have met them and welcomed them on your journey:

the unclean lepers, the despised prostitutes,

Zacchaeus the tax collector, the bandits crucified with you,

and all the others…

You came for them, as a priority,

to give them back their dignity and to reinsert them into their people.

You yourself died as one of the excluded,

crucified like a rebellious slave,

outside the walls of the holy city.

The excluded are on our journey and on our screens:

excluded from the economy, from progress,

from care, from sharing and from respect.

They are hungry for bread and for justice,

they are strangers, sick people, addicts,

in prison or tortured in the camps.

Open our eyes, Lord,

so that we look at reality in the face.

Open our heart to try to understand distress.

Open our understanding

to reflect on the causes of exclusion.

Give us the strength to welcome and to act


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