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I would like, O my God, a Christmas without a mirage

Évangile et Liberté                                                                                           December 2014


Translation Canon Tony Dickinson


I would like, O my God, a Christmas without a mirage,

without useless lights, without tinsel, without a wreath

a Christmas without a tree or presents to order,

one which would be humbly brotherhood, sharing.


Deliver me, my God, from this vain celebration

which leaves on one side the poor and unfortunate,

and victims of wars, suffering under the storms.

Offer us, O Lord, a Christmas for the down-and-outs.


Oh give us, my God, a Christmas that is real

as a child is born in a poor stable,

who will be for each one the awakening of hope

and for the oppressed the end of their pain.


May this dark day, for all the unloved,

open up to your light which must pass through us.

Give us, O Lord, the strength and courage

to carry in your name a fantastic message.


The message of your Love for our humanity

which among us bears a name: Brotherhood.

So that finally our world in its great misery

may see fulfilled in you the love of a mother.


Oh my God, may this day be for everyone the day,

not of a memory, but of a good future

and beyond the cries and the songs and the noise

may our world be changed, gently, without a sigh.



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