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Robert Riber “Open Windows”

Évangile et Liberté

February 2015

Translation Canon Tony Dickinson



We give you thanks, Lord, we say thank you

For all that is said, all that is done, but which is not seen.


Thank you for the little things in life,

The ones that nobody notices,

The ones people hardly suspect.


Thank you for this glimmer of joy, in the eyes of a sick person,

for the 🙂 🙂 of a child, and the passing of a moment.


Thank you for the gratuitous gesture, a smile,

A handshake, a tap on the shoulder.


Thank you for the silence kept at the gates of rebellion,

For the forgiveness granted in place of vengeance,

For the word of love in place of the insult,

For the speechless prayer at the heart of another’s drama.


Thank you for the humble one who holds on to the shadow of the powerful,

For what is apparently useless,

For the good which has never been able to be said,

And for the secret joys, in the middle of torment.


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À propos Gilles

a été pasteur à Amsterdam et en Région parisienne. Il s’est toujours intéressé à la présence de l’Évangile aux marges de l’Église. Il anime depuis 17 ans le site Internet Protestants dans la ville.

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