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The Grace of an Ecumenical Prayer

By Fadiey Lovsky

Translation Louise Thunin

Lord, make us reconcilers,
True peace-makers,
And consoling pacifiers.
Uproot church pride from our hearts,
By strengthening our fidelity to the Church.
Don’t let us resign ourselves to tension and separation .
Lord, doesn’t faith move mountains ?
Free us from historical and theological grudges.
Grant us the grace of ecumenical prayer,
Freed of all triumphalism.
Give us love for those who love Jesus
In another atmosphere and in a different style from ours.
Bless our commitments and bless also
Those of our sisters and brothers whose are different from ours.
We thank you for all these Christians who love you,
Even if they don’t yet love us.
Haven’t we been like them ?
We pray you for what seems impossible
And yet is necessary.
That is why we ask your Holy Spirit
To lead and to inspire us.


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