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A Creator God

James Woody


Translation Louise Thunin

We can learn from the chaos of history and create a more livable world. In spite of obscurantism, we can let there be light.

I notice enthusiastically that many situations in which we thought we had reached the end of our capabilities can take off again and lead us far beyond what we had once hoped for. Thus, a creator God denotes that which sets history in motion once again, that which instills new possibilities in what had seemed to be an impasse. God, whom the Bible describes on its very first page as that which gives meaning to what has none, that which leads us to new horizons and toward new challenges, that which opens our eyes to talents we had sometimes hidden, for fear of losing them, and that we may now find interesting to bring to the fore.

God is a creator in that he gives rise to new relationships, to new connections which reconfigure our personal worlds and little by little, the whole world. What I read in scripture does not invite me to think that God is a supernatural character with a specific objective, a particular plan for each one of us. God denotes rather that which allows us to put to work people’s resources, faculties and potentials by creating interactions which enlarge our projects and everything that we realize. To the contrary of the usual translation of Genesis 1, which indicates that God saw the different stages of creation as being good, which could imply moral judgment, it seems preferable to me to say that what God creates is viable, just as it is not viable for man to be alone. God is the creator of the conditions that allow us to exercise fully our reponsabilities or, to put it another way: whatever allows us to humanize our world is divine.



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