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Did You Say «A Miracle » ?

by Jean-François Blancheton
translation Louise Thunin
The service is almost over. It’s time for announcements. As usual, the board member who comes to speak about the activities of our local church asks if anyone would like so speak. A man gets up. He’s a member of the Protestant aid committee and is well known by all for his closeness to the poorest of the poor. Let’s hear what he has to say : “I’m hosting a young couple from Romania with their children. They need a car to get to work. Would anyone have a car to offer ? ” It’s an infrequent request, for sure : a table, a cupboard, a fridge, yes, but a car ? This request brings forth commentary and questions : “What’ll happen ? Hasn’t he gone too far ? Does he realize ?”
The following Wednesday, during my time as a welcomer, a lady comes to make an offer in these terms : ”I heard the gentleman’s appeal at the service, and I’m ready to give away a car we have but that we don’t use. “ The promise is immediately carried out.
Some people saw in this event a welcome stroke of luck, others claimed a miracle ! Unless, as Edouard Pailleron said : « Chance is God playing anonymous.” Each one is free to express in his or her own words of conviction a truly quite surprising happenstance.


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