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Are You Game ?

By Jean-Pierre Pairou

Translation Louise Thunin



There’s a question that bothers me every time I hear and see our Christian communities, theoretically demonstrating ˝good feelings˝, yet worried about not going overboard or about going too far, being careful, wary, reasonable and not naïve : wasn’t Jesus, the Lord we claim to follow, just the opposite of what we are advised to be ?

Was it reasonable to leave his family and his work in order to hit the road with a bunch of ordinary people ?

Wasn’t he going overboard when he came to grips with the sacrosanct Law, claiming it was made for man and not the contrary ?

Wasn’t it unwise to hang out with prostitutes, hoboes, collaborators and other delinquents ?

Wasn’t it naïve to announce God’s unconditional love, when humans are so quick to judge one another ?

Didn’t he go too far in love, while we are, if I may say, « small-minded in love », worried about our material security ?

˝Christianity hasn’t failed ; we haven’t tried it yet,˝ said Theodore Monod, who defined himself as an ˝apprentice Christian.˝

What if we too tried being apprentices ?

And what if we tried, not the Christianity of institutions, but the Christianity of God’s Word of love, without any cautious little calculations?

Are you game ?




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