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Education in Awareness

Cheikh Khaled Bentounès


Translation Canon Tony Dickinson


From the beginning societies have always been founded on education in and transmission of values, be they material, moral or spiritual. In the course of the ages human beings have never ceased to construct civilisations thanks to a continuing transmission based on values and principles which have often changed, evolved, even regressed.


Today as our society inherits this past it finds itself confronted by a mutation and a spectacular cultural intermingling. East and West are tending to become more and more mixed. Globalisation spreads its web, ignoring the values of the one and of the other. It is, it seems, the sovereign realm of uniformity and of globalisation.


This dynamic, far from leading us towards unity, draws us towards a binary, dualist world, which is more and more atomised. It creates the problem of a world founded on oppositions and antagonisms. Far from the universe of unity of being to which the universal values contained in the wisdom and the traditions invites us, it does not allow being to live and to perceive this unity across creation, still less to make it real.


This diversity which we perceive across the world as it appears to us is constituted of an extraordinary variety of species, of colours, of forms. But in reality if we observe life attentively, scientifically, we discover that in its ultimate reality, it is one. The whole universe is made of one single identical substance, whether it is energy or material, even if it manifests itself to us under multiple forms. This unity is at the base of creation. It is towards this that we are led by this education in spiritual awareness that is forgotten today, even in the Muslim world of which it was the essential message, “Tawhid”, unicity. This journey leads us little by little to rediscover this primordial origin written in us and, through that, to rediscover the unity of Everything, the unity of the Living One.


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