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God Is Sitting There Weeping

Riensiru (Ecumenical Council of Churches)


To all the weavers in the world


Translation Louise Thunin


God is sitting there weeping.

The marvelous tapestry of creation,

That She had woven so joyfully

Is mutilated, torn to shreds, reduced to rags,

Its beauty devastated by violence.


God is sitting there weeping,

But see, She is picking up the tatters

In order to weave once again.

She is assembling the scraps of our sorrow

The pain, the tears, the frustation

Caused by cruelty, oppression,

Ignorance, rape, murder.


She is gathering up the strips of hard work,

The attempts to defend,

The peace initiatives,

The protests against injustice,

All those things that seem small and weak,

The words and actions offered in sacrifice,

In hope, faith, love.


Look !

She is weaving all that together

With the golden threads of elation

Into a new tapestry,

An even richer creation, more beautiful

Than the old one !


God is sitting there weaving

Patiently, persistently,

With a smile which shines like a rainbow

On Her face bathed in tears.


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