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A worker in your creation

Jean-Paul Hoppstetter
From the book “Prayers”
Éditions Olivétan et Société Luthérienne, 2008
Translation Canon Tony Dickinson

Lord, thank you for creating me active
and a servant in your creation.
thank you for the toil of women
and men who, day after day,
produce the services and the goods necessary to life.

Thank you for the relationships and the links
which work enables me to weave,
for involvement in a common task,
which transforms and humanises the world,
for the riches whose production and sharing it enables.

Keep me from turning work into an idol or a drug,
from letting myself be carried away by the siren voices of profit and power.
I pray for women and men without a job, or who suffer from the conditions in which they work.
Give me the strength I need to engage with others,
in the challenges posed by the economy, social justice,
and the environmental emergency.

In the hope and joy of the world that is coming,
send me as a worker into your creation.


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