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God is Often Annoyed

by Gilles Castelnau

translation Louise Thunin

God is (often ?) annoyed !

For it is written : Arise, shine ; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. (Isaiah 60 :1)

He’s annoyed, because he’s instilled in us his dynamism, which keeps us upright and above-board with light in our eyes, even when life is dark, as anyone can see.

For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples ; but the Lord will arise upon you.

He’s annoyed, for in truth, in spite of his creative presence in us, he can see we’re depressed. We say foolish things, we see everything through dark glasses, we abandon our responsibilities… Whereas in truth,

He arises upon us.

         He imparts to us that way of looking at the world that Jesus had, he who never despaired, never gave in to depression, never said that everything was going badly, but who always boosted the morale of the people he met.

And even when he himself had to endure the anxiety and suffering of his death, when there was no escape possible, he nonetheless drew from his inner depths the Spirit of life that allowed him to answer Pilate and say, Forgive them…

What an example he set ! What a spirit of resurrection he showed us!

God is surely annoyed when he hears us bemoaning his absence, in spite of his presence, when we multiply our prayers as if he wasn’t there… What proof of his presence do we offer our entourage ? Whereas he said :

And nations shall come to your light !

Arise, shine, said Isaiah.

À propos Gilles

a été pasteur à Amsterdam et en Région parisienne. Il s’est toujours intéressé à la présence de l’Évangile aux marges de l’Église. Il anime depuis 17 ans le site Internet Protestants dans la ville.

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