Béatrice Cléro-Mazire
Translation Louise Thunin

Grant us the humility to avoid believing that
We know how to create the world.
We must build tomorrow ; we know that,
But we are ignorant of so many things that others know better than we,
And of the few things we know, others are still ignorant

Grant us the patience to take the time to discover
The promise that you place before us each day :
The one our contemporaries bear,
The one that includes our earth,
The one we carry and that we have yet to birth.

Grant us the confidence to invent tomorrow,
To bring it forth with our brothers and sisters, human beings,
Those who are close to us in language and in culture,
And those who seem far, that we know so little.
We do not know tomorrow, grant us to understand it, to hope for it together,
Humbly, patiently and confidently.


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