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What We Think and Believe

The « Remonstrants », a Dutch Protestant sect founded in the seventeenth century, today want a Church in which a diversity of opinions will be allowed. They have nothing against the credo as such. They consider such texts as useful guideposts, but they reject the tyrannical image that is made of them when they are used as weapons to condemn others. In this frame of mind, the Remonstrants adopted a new confession of faith at their general assembly in June 2006. The introduction specifies that no confession is beyond discussion and that, as the Confession of faith of 1621 specifies, it is a question of « showing , with caution and love, a way. »

Translation Louise Thunin

Here is what we think and believe.
Our peace does not reside in the certainty of its expressions,
But in marveling at what happens to us and what is given us.
Our destiny does not reside in indifference and greed
But in vigilance for and solidarity with all living beings.
The fulfillment of our existence does not come from what we are and what we possess, but from something infinitely beyond our capacity to comprehend.
Led by these convictions, we believe in the Spirit of God.
It overcomes that which separates people; it attracts them toward that which is holy and good,
So that they praise and serve God, by singing and by keeping silent, by praying and by acting.
We believe in Jesus, a man filled with Spirit.
His is the face of God who looks on us and moves us.
He loved human beings and was crucified,
But he lives beyond his own death, our own death.
He is, for us, a blessed example of wisdom and courage.
He brings the eternal love of God closer to us.
We believe in Eternal God.
He is unfathomable love, the foundation of our existence.
He shows us the way to freedom and justice and calls us to a future of peace.
Although weak and vulnerable, we believe we have been called, together with Christ
And with all those who believe, to form a Church that is a sign of hope.
For we believe in the future of God and of the world,
Divine patience gives us the time it takes to live, to die,
And to be resurrected in the Kingdom that is and that is to come.
God will be there for all eternity, All-in-all.
To God be praise and honor,
In time and in eternity.


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