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So Light a Sweetness

Francine Carrillo

Translation Louise Thunin

If you try to catch me, your hands will remain empty
If you think you can tame me, you’ll be discouraged
I resemble nothing, I’m stitched backwards,
I run away from parties and hardened words.
I come when others leave,
I make my home in the sand of the moment,
But if the welcome is warm, I don’t mind staying.
I don’t require much, a wicker chair in a corner.
I don’t enter places where people are surfeited,
I come to the little ones whose bread
Is hunger and disappointment.
I take the back stairs,
I arrive in the middle of their quarrels and disorder.
I slip between the sheets of their lives and surprise them,
Like sweetness, so light a sweetness..
I stroke their hair, they breathe beneath the touch of my hand.
And the sky is wider, and the earth warmer.
Without understanding why, they stand up in the midst of ruins.
They pick up their tears, one by one, not a single one must be lost.
We plant them on the window ledge.
Each one has its story, its territory.
And knowing they are there makes them lighter.
It’s not that everything is clear,
But their eyes have been washed.
Tomorrow can be envisioned and I can leave them.
For many others are on the lookout for my passing by.
I go on all the trips, people recognize me
By the flutter of a wing that strokes their faces,
Tracking a desire that suddenly opens their hearts.
From always to always, bound to the invisible task
Of sowing seeds in the world and nurturing the growth of beings,
My name is « hope. »


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