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”May Your Vision Be Universal », Baà’u’llàh

by Ora and Jean-Claude Perez
translation Louise Thunin

For us Bahà’is, God has sent mankind a series of divine instructors over the centuries – called Manifestations of God –whose teachings have led to the advance of civilization and given it its foundations. Among these Manifestations, there have been, in particular, Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Then came the Bàb. Bahà’u’llàh, a title signifying ”The Glory of God”, is the latest to date of these messengers. Bahà’u’llàh transmitted to humanity a new revelation from God. For having done that, he endured prison, torture and exile for forty years.
God called Bahà’u’llàh in order to offer a new revelation to humanity. The latter explains that the religions of the world come from the same source and are, in substance, successive chapters of one and the same religion, coming from God. In his writings, he defined a framework for the development of a worldwide civilization which would take into account the spiritual and material dimensions of human life. Millions of people learn to apply his teachings to their lives, individually and collectively, for the betterment of the world.
One of the teachings of Bahà’u’llàh asserts: ”O you, children of men ! The fundamental design which animates faith in God and his religion is to protect the interests of the human species, to promote its unity, to stimulate a spirit of love and brotherhood among men… The changes and fortunes of trhe world will never be able to alter the resistance of what has been built upon this foundation, no more than the passing of innumerable centuries can undermine its structure.“
During a lecture he gave in 1911 in the Parisian protestant church, Foyer de l’Âme, Abdu’l-Bahà declared : “The glorious Sun of Truth shines for all in the same way ; the waters of its divine mercy inundate each of us, and, on all his children, he bestows his divine favor.“


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