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James Woody
Translation Louise Thunin

Death is life. First of all, because death is one of the stages of life. Moreover, from the time when we accept death as an inevitable element of our personal history, we are finally able to live fully, realizing the value of each moment but also of our relationships, of people. A period of mourning is positive insofar as it shows us clearly what is essential and what is secondary. For that reason, frequenting cemeteries, if only in November, can be useful in helping us get a foothold in life : there, we feel the importance of not putting off till tomorrow what can be experienced today.
Death is life, because what we say about it and about the dead tells us what we think about life and reveals our superstitions. First of all, we can question the way in which we bury our dead, when we do not disperse their ashes. Consider the religious plots in cemeteries: how can we expect to live together when we carefully separate our dead ? And then, let’s observe those who trumpet their atheism and their refusal of religious obscurantism and then kiss a coffin, speak to a dead person for one last tribute, and end up saying that he or she “ is now in heaven, looking down on us. ”
If it is a question of letting the dead bury their dead, in order to avoid burying oneself in a life without hope, let us not avoid looking at what death and the dead have to say about our humanness. A walk in a cemetery offers fine life lessons: learning that we are finite, learning to take our hope in the afterlife and place it in daily life, one in which we could at last manage to live together.


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