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“In Italy, in August, even God is on Holiday”.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Translation Canon Tony Dickinson

Agnès Adeline-Schaeffer

Arh… what a sweet word “vacation … besides, isn’t the best moment than the evening before, when we come back from work knowing that we are going to leave for other horizons? Changing ones ideas, breaking with routine, going off to other occupations, letting oneself go, dreaming, playing, taking siesta, entering into silence, contemplating, having a late breakfast, stretching out under the sun, getting the agenda… One often confusing leaving for holiday and being on holiday. The notion of vacation, today, is far distant from the meaning it had in the 19th century, which defined a period during which children were free from school in order to help their parents in the fields during the harvest. Now it is linked to the idea of leaving somewhere for somewhere else, and often far off, which is a guarantee of quality. The idea, and the bottom, remains the same: to be available for something else.


This time of vacation, encouraged by national education, at its best balances work and rest for everyone. Even if that has become accessible to the great majority, going away on vacation remains a luxury. There are many people who remain at home. While some have had the chance to leave could survive as a strange feeling of spoliation.


Vacant is a synonym of “empty”. To be vacant, or on vacation, is a state of spirit. It is to be wholly open to what, and to who surrounds us, and to welcome the most diverse ideas. It is possible to make voluntarily this choice of being “vacant”, in other words, accessible, free, emptying our head, but also the body. We can offer ourselves every day a time of vacation. Each will find their own recipe, if they haven’t already!





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