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A man came to our house

Évangile et Liberté                                                                                                                      October 2014



A man came to our house,

like you, my brother.

He visited a corner of our earth.

He was a peaceful working man, humble and gentle.

Nothing about him that would draw people’s eyes.

He wore none of our uniforms,

and none of our decorations.

He came like us, followed by a horde of rogues,

of heretics, of down-and-outs,

of trouble-makers, dammit!

Almost anarchists,

and nonconformists, and pacifists…

And the earth was turned upside down…

He did nothing however that fulfilled their expectation:

No conquest,

and no celebration,

he didn’t even sieze power!

Really there was nothing to see.


And nonetheless… a flame

inexpressible and magnificent

lit up in the heart of mortals,

and ever since, nothing has put it out…

He had nothing however

of what humans like.

But he said “Love”

and everything changed:

the heretics, the unloved

rose up and the earth was transfigured…

He had no power other

than that of his word, than that of his love.

He remained among us only

a few days,

for the establishment, embedded in injustice

wanted to shut him up and put him to torture.

But he said “Love” and turned everything upside down,

and death, and the cross.

He raised us up.

God came to our house,

Like you, my brother.


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À propos Gilles

a été pasteur à Amsterdam et en Région parisienne. Il s’est toujours intéressé à la présence de l’Évangile aux marges de l’Église. Il anime depuis 17 ans le site Internet Protestants dans la ville.

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